how to disconnect car battery

A pair issues earlier than we get began: there was a time when you could possibly elevate the hood of nearly any car and the battery can be sitting properly there. Lately, you could possibly discover your battery within the trunk and even behind a wheel effectively, so… as standard, we advocate you seek the advice of your service guide earlier than you get into this. And in the event you discover it’s going to be extra sophisticated than you thought, we’d be completely happy to advocate knowledgeable technicians in your space.

Most often, the one instrument you’ll want is a wrench to loosen the battery bolts & nuts and a ratchet & socket to take out the battery hold-down. Once you get the battery re-installed, chances are high, your radio presets and different operator preferences will probably be cleared out. In some automobiles, you could have to re-enter a safety code to get the stereo working once more.

Additionally, some autos suggest using a reminiscence saver to maintain the car from going into ‘adaptive studying’ mode after you’ve put in the brand new battery. At all times seek the advice of your proprietor’s service handbook for essential safety codes and the right battery set up process to your car.

All right—for our purposes today, I’m going to be changing out the battery on this 2013 Toyota Tacoma.

So that you’ll see right here that we’ve received three issues we’ll must detach to get this battery out. That is the hold-down, which helps hold the battery in place. Then we’ve received cables hooked up to every of the 2 battery terminals. We’ll begin by loosening this hold-down… and slipping out the curved finish of the bolt… And we’ll simply swing that again out of the way in which


Now once you go to disconnect the cables from the battery terminals, you’ll need to disconnect the negative cable first—it’s the one linked to the destructive terminal, which is marked with a “minus signal”. Simply loosen this sufficient to slide the connector off… and transfer it to the aspect, out of your means. Be sure it’s not resting on naked steel. Identical factor with the optimistic cable—loosen this connector sufficient which you can slip it off… and transfer that to the aspect. And at this level, you ought to be able to carry this battery out… very rigorously—simply attempting to maintain it upright.

  • disconnect the negative cable first

  • Same thing with the positive cable

  • lift this battery out. very carefully

Perhaps you’ve bought your new battery already, or perhaps you run over to your O’Reilly Auto Elements retailer to go away this core and decide up an alternative. Both mean…

When you’ve received your new battery, you’re simply going to ease it again into the tray… And we’re going to reattach the cables in reverse order—the constructive will go on first… Make sure you slip that as far down on the publish as you may earlier than you tighten it… Then the destructive…

  • the positive will go on first

  • second negative cable

And we’ll simply reposition this hold-down… slip the curved finish of this bolt into the outlet.






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